History of English Churches in Switzerland – Lausanne

History of Christ Church, Lausanne

The first constitution of the English Church was drawn up in July 1818. Original services were held at the Chapelle de la Mercerie and then in the newly constructed church at Croix d'Ouchy. The first stone of Christ Church was laid on 19th June 1877. The building work was rapidly completed and the first service was held on 4th July 1878. The church was consecrated nine years later on 6th June 1887. In 1898 the church was enlarged with the addition of the south aisle. Heating was installed at the same time. A magnificent collection of stained glass windows designed and built in London by the firm Clayton and Bell were brought to Lausanne and installed by the local Swiss Architect. The windows are a perfect example of the « gothic revival » movement.

Date of first Chaplaincy: 1816

Church dates: 1878 to present day

Patron: Society for the Propagation of the Gospel (SPG)

Hotel: Unknown

Current Status: Open with regular services

Anglican Worship in Lausanne, Rosemary Raedler-Hacking

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Anglican Worship in Lausanne, Rosemary Raedler-Hacking