Evening Services

We warmly invite you to join us for our Evening Services held each Sunday at 5.30 p.m. Services are being held in-person at St. Peters and also online. See the link below for more information on the upcoming Easter services and access to the livestreams. 

Please contact us for Zoom details or join our YouTube live stream. Our weekly newsletter provides details of services and activities.

Find out a little more about our chaplain, Mark Fletcher and his family here.

About St. Peter's, Château d'Oex

St. Peter’s is an Anglican Church which has served the English-speaking community of Château-d’Oex and the Gstaad region of the Swiss Alps since 1899. We are home to a church family from a wide variety of denominations and nations.

We exist to reflect the love of God and to be a community where people can explore the life of faith, ask questions and encounter God. We are a community where all are welcome, and we love to see people grow and flourish as they find their place and discover their unique contributions to the Church and the world.

Worship is simple, thoughtful and accessible. We would love to welcome you to worship with us and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Life Events

Saint Peter's Anglican Church, Château d'Oex - Serving Château d'Oex and Gstaad region, Switzerland

There are milestone events in life, and we are delighted to walk with you at these moments.

For more information about Baptisms, Weddings or Funerals at St. Peter’s please contact the Chaplain.

Baptism is more than just a thanksgiving for the birth of a child. It marks the beginning of the life of faith and becoming a part of the Church. As well as Baptisms, we also offer Thanksgiving Services, where we thank God for the gift of a new child and pray for them and for their family.

There is nothing quite like a church wedding. They are beautiful and romantic and deeply significant moments in your life together, as you stand before friends and family and God, and make solemn vows of love to one another. St. Peter’s is a beautiful church to be married in, and we would be delighted to share in the preparation for this most special day. 

Despite the sadness and loss that we experience at the end of life, funerals can be deeply significant events, that help us to grieve, offer the comfort of faith, and celebrate the life of our loved ones. We consider it an honour to share this stage of the journey with others.

How to find us

Services on YouTube

Visit the St. Peter’s YouTube channel to see some of our previous services or the link below to watch the sermon given by Rev. Mark Fletcher as part of a series based on the Lord’s Prayer. This sermon formed part of the evening service with Holy Communion at St. Peter’s Church, Château D’Oex on 12 March 2023.

We all have scars, some can be seen, many can’t. But we should never be ashamed of them, they are the marks of the things we have overcome. An important way we can do that in an often unkind world is through forgiveness. Forgiveness is not the same as tolerance; it is not saying things don’t matter. Forgiveness says this is wrong, but I choose to forgive. And it is liberating. Unforgiveness – festers and becomes bitterness, which is bad for us emotionally, spiritually and even physically. Forgiveness is difficult and costly, but if we can overcome them the most painful moments in our life can become the most significant.

This week as you pray this prayer day by day, pause here and ask for help to forgive. William Blake said ‘The glory of Christianity is to conquer by forgiveness.’ Never be ashamed of your scars – they are the stories of the things you have overcome. 

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