History of English Churches in Switzerland – Caux

History of St. Michael and All Angels, Caux

The church was built in 1905. It was dedicated on 1 February 1906 to St Michael and All Angels. The Church has beautiful stained glass windows which form a series illustrative of the ministry of angels. They were, except one, a gift from Mr Herbert Edgar Reid. The windows were made in 1906 by Messrs AL Moore and Sons, one of the best-known artisans of that time. The large oak altar in neogothic style, with its four angels holding up the Altar table probably made by a Belgian artist, is another valuable piece of the church. St Michael and All Angels remained closed during World War I. Large scale. repair work had to be done. After the war, Caux was no longer a place of attraction for Anglo-Saxon tourists. The congregation gradually vanished and the church remained closed. In 1944 the building and property were handed over to the Swiss Protestant congregation in Montreux with the right of use for Anglicans. Source Anglicans in Switzerland, Past and Present. Paul Schniewind.

Date of first Chaplaincy: 1891

Church dates: 1905-1944

Patron: Society for the Propagation of the Gospel (SPG)

Hotel: Caux Palace

Current Status: Owned by Swiss Reform Church

Anglicans in Switzerland Past and Present, Paul Schniewind

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