History of English Churches in Switzerland – Meiringen

History of English Church, Meiringen

Regular Anglican Services in Meiringen were started for British tourists in 1850. The English Church was built in the garden of Hotel Sauvage in 1868 and visited by Queen Victoria in the same year. The architect was Newman and Billing, of London. Destroyed by fire in 1891, a new church was constructed on the same site. In 1937 SPG was unable to raise sufficient funds to repair the Church and the building was transferred to the Hotel Sauvage. It was sold to Christian Science group in 1939 and is currently used to house the Sherlock Holmes Museum.

Date of first Chaplaincy: 1850

Church dates: 1868

Patron: Society for the Propagation of the Gospel (SPG)

Hotel: Hotel Sauvage

Current Status: Used as the Sherlock Holmes Museum


Anglicans in Switzerland, Past and Present, Paul Schniewind
Sherlock Homes Museum – The English Church

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