New Year's Concert at St. Peter's Church, Château d'Oex

 Join us for a delightful 40-minute concert featuring the dynamic duet of Grace Stephens-Spada and Theo Amies.
After the concert, stay for an apéro and enjoy some snacks.
We invite attendees to make donations towards the St. Peter’s Church Restoration Fund.
Meet the Performers
Grace and Theo began their musical careers while singing as young Choristers in Salisbury Cathedral and Jesus College Cambridge choirs, respectively. After both becoming head choristers in their final year, they attended King’s School in Canterbury as Music Scholars, where they continued to sing weekly in the cathedral and play regularly in the school’s symphony and chamber orchestras. While at the University of Leicester studying Medical Physiology, Grace continues her singing as part of Leicester Cathedral Choir. During his gap year, Theo has returned to the choir of Jesus College Cambridge as a tenor before going to study Architecture at the University of Sheffield next year.

How to find St. Peter's Church, Château d'Oex