History of English Churches and Chapels
in Switzerland from 1840 to present day.

(This list is being gradually updated to include all Anglican Churches built in Switzerland. Unfortunately many of the churches have now been demolished and information has either been lost or is hard to find.  If you have any information you would like to share, please contact us at the following address: info(a)stpeters.ch)

Canton of Vaud

History of English Churches in Switzerland: English Chapel - Les Avants

History of English Chapel, Les Avants The chapel was built for the benefit of Engish tourists in 1872 in the grounds of the Grand Hotel by the proprietors, the Dufour brothers. When Christ Church in Montreux-Clarens was closed in 1968, services in Les Avants were also discontinued. The chapel is now part of the Protestant Reform

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History of English Churches in Switzerland: English Church - Les Diablerets

History of English Church, Les Diablerets The Grand-Hotel constructed an Anglican Chapel in 1881. The cost was in large part covered by a subscription amongst English tourists. In 1893, an Association in Ormont-Dessus bought a clock from Aigle and placed it in the tower. The clock was created by the famous artisan Abram Dupertuis. In 1947

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History of English Chapel, Leysin History to be added. Date of first Chaplaincy: 1891 Church dates: 1906 Patron: Intercontinental Church Society (ICS) Hotel: Hotel Belvedere Current Status: Unknown Sources Anglicans in Switzerland, Past and Present, Paul Schniewind Further Reading

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History of English Churches in Switzerland: English Chapel - Mont Pelerin

History of English Chapel, Mont Pelerin English Chapel constructed in the grounds of the “Grand Hotel du Mont Pélerin” around 1906. The chapel was sold to the Protestant parish of Chardonne-Jongny in 1952. The Grand Hotel was transformed into a retirement home in 1957. Date of first Chaplaincy: 1904 Church dates: 1906-1952 Patron: Intercontinental Church Society (ICS) Hotel: Grand Hotel du

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History of English Churches in Switzerland: St. John's - Montreux

History, St. John’s Anglican Church, Montreux The first Anglican priest was licensed to minister to the British colony at Montreux in 1860. There being no English Church then, services were held regularly for more than fifteen years in the Swiss Protestant Church of Montreux. But before long a move was made to build a church,

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